Preparations for Tezos launch

Tezos foundation sent the following email to It's ICO contributors

Tezos foundationPreparations for Tezos launch

Dear Tezos community,

After reaching fundamental milestones in recent months, we are excited to announce that final preparations for the Tezos beta network (“betanet”) are underway. As we approach the launch of the betanet, you will receive additional details via email and on

Preparations for the Betanet

The Tezos community has been running the alphanet, a test network, successfully for well over a year. Although this provided valuable engineering insight, there is no substitute for real-world experience. To that end, the Tezos Foundation looks forward to the launch of the betanet. Tezos contributors who opt to interact with this network must understand that it will undergo unscheduled downtime and require maintenance and adjustments. We anticipate a broader main network (“mainnet”) launch to follow with transactions from the betanet persisting into the mainnet.