We are excited to be hosting one of San Diego’s finest; Mr. Gorden Cheng! Gorden is the Director of Information Security at Oracle and is an active member in the Bitcoin and Blockchain community, here in San Diego. He is a Blockchain enthusiast and has been studying the platform and her capabilities for a long time.

This presentation is a beginner’s guide to Blockchain Technology, with an emphasis on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We will begin with a history on the communication of human value and how we have since progressed into the latest iteration of a peer to peer network based on a programmable form of money. One of the fundamental problems of our financial system was solved by a mysterious individual (someone we know as Satoshi Nakamoto) who enabled a whole new field of research and asset classes. Satoshi’s efforts have subsequently developed beyond the financial system into countless applications of decentralized governance.

We will also be discussing transactions, mining, wallets, security and the challenges facing this brave new world!


Presentations Slides